20.02.2019 - 30.02.2019

Athens Initiative

In 2018, the «Athens Initiative» pilot program was implemented as an extension of the “Raising Healthy Children” program in the public sector. The program was implemented in cooperation with the Public Nursery of Athens and the 6th Community Clinic of the Municipality of Athens and supervised by the Center for Health Services Research Department of Hygiene, Epidemiology & Medical Statistics Medical School, University of Athens.

The pilot program was implemented based on the volunteer work of our board members and our dedicated consultants and volunteers.

Our Goals

Our main goal was “Strengthening the Nursery Schools of the Athens Municipality with knowledge and practical tools regarding the development of nutritional policy and child obesity prevention”.

What We Have Succeed

In May 2018 we delivered a 6-hour training to 22 teachers of 10 nursery schools of the 6th province of the Athens Municipality. The training included:

  1. Introduction to basic principles of nutrition & health
  2. Scientific methods for the prevention of children obesity
  3. Reading food labels (ingredients, nutritional value)
  4. Hidden sugar and health consequences
  5. Active play & disease prevention
  6. Innovative nutrition education methods
  7. Nutritious snacks and balanced treats
  8. Parental awareness
  9. Best practice policies
  10. Suggestions for educational games with children

The participants pointed out the need for further education and awareness programs

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