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European Program Weight Matters

Mathaino Diatrofi is part of the Weight Matters Erasmus + program as an associate partner of KMOP.
This program is being implemented in 4 European countries (UK, Italy, Malta, Greece). Weight Matters focuses on strength-based coaching for weight literacy.


The project’s goals

Weight matters takes a new adult education approach to weight loss and control and will pilot effective ways to manage and cope with the challenges of living in an obesogenic environment. Weight Matters will offer a unique set of solutions, with coaching and mentoring at its core, to support adults to develop their own weight literacy and learn to shift their mind-sets in order to manage weight loss. During this process the individual will take advantage of the strongest qualities of their personality and, alongside with the knowledge to be acquired, every member will embrace the values of mindful eating in order to effectively manage their weight. Weight Matters intends to enhance the cooperation between the process of mentoring, coaching and nutrition and to provide the methods and skills development required to achieve the best possible results.
Weight Matters will reach 705 people directly through its activities and at least a further 2,000 people through a thorough and effective dissemination campaign.

Mathaino Diatrofi as associate partner

Mathaino Diatrofi, associate partner of KMOP, delivered 2 focus groups, one with professionals working with overweight individuals and one with adults tackling obesity. Web questionnaires were also completed and analyzed in order to help list and identify the obstacles Greek population has to overcome while managing their weight. Moreover, reports were conducted describing in great detail the present situation and the needs of obese adults in all 4 countries as well as the methods and the skills needed to succeed in weight management.
In November 2018 the 1st phase of the program was implemented with 4 Trainings in Weight Literacy and 12 support groups (Mentoring Circles for Weight Management). The 2nd phase of the program was implemented in April 2019 with 3 Trainings in Weight Literacy and 10 support groups (Mentoring Circles for Weight Management). All participants were unemployed or very low income overweight adults.

In May 2019 a workshop for dietetics students from the Aegean College – Coventry University Dietetics Program took place, in order to familiarise them with the Weight Matters program methodology and present the results of the implementation.

In September 2019 another workshop took place in the Metropolitan College- Queen Margaret University Dietetics Program took place, in order to familiarise them with the Weight Matters program methodology and present the new Weight Matters e-learning platform. http://weightmatters.lyk.io/login


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